Full-Stack Software Engineer

Contract type
Product Development
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Head of Project Management
Negotiable (based on overall experience and qualifications)
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3D technology has evolved massively since its inception just a few decades ago. With the rise of augmented reality and the growing number of features and uses, the future for 3D looks even brighter and more versatile. AR will revolutionize 3D modeling forever and bring a series of new uses.

About this role

We’re looking for a Full-Stack Software Engineer with a proven track record of building complex applications. From an engineering perspective - we require the front-end 3D kernel to work robust back-end services. It’s where the front-end stack meets the back-end stack, all while information travels through cloud infrastructure.

If building a cutting-edge cloud application is your passion, then Vectary is what you’re looking for.

In this role you will be flexible when choosing technologies but rigid in their execution and quality. Ideally you are driven, motivated, and comfortable working with a fully remote team.

Responsibilities - What we would like you to do

  • Participate in all areas of development, from ideation to execution
  • Collaborate with designers, product managers, and other engineers
  • Present ideas, which you will plan and execute
  • Build and maintain; you understand both are equally important and need to be thoroughly documented
  • Take care of the environment your code runs in and understand the underlying infrastructure
  • Be a team player; support your peers by providing constructive feedback and assistance
  • Help grow the company by participating in the recruitment process

Requirements - What we would like you to have

  • Fluent English
  • 3+ years of previous programming experience with JavaScript or TypeScript,
  • Experience with Node.js like frameworks (e.g. Express.js) and tooling (e.g. Webpack),
  • Experience with typed languages e.g. C/C++/C#, Python or Rust,
  • Experience with architectural design in big applications,
  • Understanding of the concept of monolithic repositories, multiple repositories and monorepo,
  • Web application development
  • Cloud infrastructure design
  • 2D/3D graphics
  • C++ application development for the web (Emscripten/WebAssembly)

Attributes - How we would like you to be

  • Team player spirit
  • Fast learner and do-er
  • Big-picture and forward-thinking
  • Friendly and approachable
  • Focus on quality and continuous improvement
  • Attention to detail
  • Be curious
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Vectary founders Pavol Sovis (CTO), Michal Koor (CEO)
About vectary

Founded in 2014, Vectary is focused on making 3D content creation accessible to all. Vectary is the only browser-based platform that allows its users to create 3D and Augmented Reality (AR) content across the web.

With the free built-in browser-based 3D studio, anyone can create, share, and customize 3D assets, scenes or render product presentations.
Give it a "spin" and see how you can create in 3D yourself!

We're an ambitious group of people building powerful 3D content creation and publishing solutions, passionate about making 3D content and Augmented Reality (AR) an accessible part of daily life. Our rapidly growing team is globally-based, bringing in expertise from Silicon Valley to London, Helsinki to Cape Town, and many other places in-between.